Stanford-Keio Mindfulness Program: Naikan and Theater one-day workshop.

Contemplative Learning Network will be holding a one-day retreat for students from Stanford and Keio universities.

(*This is a closed workshop at full capacity)

The retreat is part of, and a culmination of, the ‘Mindful Japan’ program organized by Dr. Stephen Murphy Shigematsu from Stanford University.

The workshop will introduce and interweave two unique mindfulness-based approaches.

The first will be an introduction to Naikan – a ‘Japanese’ psychotherapeutic approach of structured introspection derived from the Jodoshin School of Buddhism, and designed for application to educational contexts by Dr. Chizuko Tezuka.

The second will be  theater work developed by Japanese actor Toshimitsu Kokido,  The practice will  bring forth the latent creativity and inner voice of each participant, inspired by the Naikan work, as well as by the mindful environment of Jochiji Temple.

Through these practices, we will explore and rediscover our senses of being – in relation to those around us and those who have cared for us through our lives, and in relation to space, to nature and to culture.

We will cultivate an open and gentle environment for sharing our experiences and our journeys. We look forward to joining you for a day of mindfulness and communal creativity in the natural and historical beauty of Kitakamakura.

About the Facilitators:

Chizuko Tezuka is a psychologist (Ph.D., University of Minnesota), specializing in Japanese psychology and ‘naikan’. She was formerly professor at the International Center of Keio University. She has extensive experience in intercultural counseling and in bringing naikan practice into the university classroom. She is currently finishing her book manuscript that reflects on Japanese emotions, experiences and representations – focusing on the relative absence of anger – relating  to the atomic bombings.

Toshimitsu Kokido is an artist, actor, and specialist in ‘Theater for Peace and Conflict Resolution’. He has performed in multiple theatric, musical, cinematic and documentary works, including  the lead role in the NHK documentary ‘Antoki’ that depicted the intergenerational sufferings of those affected by the Nagasaki atomic bombings. His publications include ‘Hyogen to Iki wo Shiteiru (Breathing, with Expression)” in 2017.

He offers workshops that weave theater work into peace studies, conflict resolution, art therapy, communication and somatic studies – in universities, companies, and for the general public throughout Japan and internationally.

Yuki Imoto is an anthropologist (Ph.D, Oxford University), and assistant professor at Keio University where she teaches global leadership and English language, anthropology, and contemplative studies. In 2017-2018, she was based at Stanford University as a visiting scholar, where she worked with Dr. Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu to understand/experience mindfulness in education, from both Japanese and American perspectives. She continues to study and write about contemplative practice, and to holistically integrate research, practice, and self/social transformation.